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Why is Hotel Coffee Bad?

Why is Hotel Coffee Bad?

While some hotels offer delicious and even award-winning coffee, the reputation of hotel coffee being bad is unfortunately well-earned. Here are some reasons why:

1. Low-Quality Coffee Beans: Hotels often prioritize cost over quality, opting for cheap, commercially-grown beans lacking in flavor and aroma.

2. Poorly Maintained Equipment: Coffee machines in hotels often go uncleaned and lack proper maintenance, leading to build-up of oils and bacteria, affecting the taste and potentially causing health concerns.

3. Improper Brewing Methods: Hotel coffee makers are often used incorrectly, resulting in under- or over-extraction, leaving the coffee either weak or bitter.

4. Stale Coffee: Pre-ground coffee used in hotels often sits for extended periods, losing its freshness and flavor.

5. Water Quality: The quality of water used for brewing significantly impacts the final taste. Hotels might not have filtered water systems, leading to unpleasant mineral and chlorine flavors in the coffee.

6. Unhygienic Practices: Cleaning and sanitation practices might not be thorough, leading to cross-contamination with other liquids or bacteria growth in the machine.

7. Lack of Control: Guests typically have limited control over the brewing process, unable to adjust factors like coffee-to-water ratio or brewing temperature, preventing optimal extraction and flavor development.

8. Added Sugar and Creamers: Many hotels offer pre-packaged sweeteners and creamers, often filled with artificial ingredients and unhealthy fats, further compromising the coffee's taste and nutritional value.

How to avoid bad hotel coffee

That's where Bring Coffee comes in. Bring Coffee are high-quality coffee that live in tea bags, this allows you to bring good coffee anywhere you're traveling, all you need is hot water. 

How to make good coffee in my hotel room?

  1. Before you travel, be sure to snag the right amount of Bring Coffee coffee teabags.
  2. Find a cup or bring along a travel coffee mug.
  3. Fill said cup with water, if microwave safe throw it in and heat the water to the ideal coffee temperature. 
  4. Throw in your Bring Coffee coffee teabag and start steeping. 
  5. Enjoy a high-quality coffee in your hotel room. 

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